Aug 3 2016 - 8:17 pm

Method co-owner on signing Overwatch squad 1SHOT: "The team is getting seemingly stronger after every game, win or loss."

If your esports organization is looking for an Overwatch team, you better sign one quick, because another squad is off the market
Samuel Lingle
Dot Esports

If your esports organization is looking for an Overwatch team, you better sign one quick, because another squad is off the market.

Method, world renowned World of Warcraft raiding guild-turned-esports-franchise, has signed Overwatch squad 1SHOT, it announced today.

The American team features a veteran roster of players who have quietly improved since the game’s release. Most recently they beat Northern Gaming Red and Colorado Clutch in the Overwatch Open qualifier put together by ELEAGUE and FaceIt, showing that the team is emerging as one of the best below the powerhouse squads of Cloud9, EnVyUs, Team SoloMid, Fnatic, and NRG eSports, who are at the top of the standings in America.

The five-man lineup features Nicholas “exi” Dudek and Brandon “ultimawep” Wilson as carries, Eric “Krawnnic” Beugh at tank, and support players Jacob “PsychoWaffle” Oyer and Randal “Roolf” Stark. Roolf is currently the highest-ranked support main on the game’s competitive ladder with an 87 skill rating. The team is still looking for a sixth player, though they’ve recently been trialling a player with the handle “Snow” and are happy with his play so far.

Method co-owner Sascha Steffens credits the team’s drive to improve as the reason for his organization’s interest.

“Compared to other unsigned teams, they were playing top teams a lot,” Steffens told Dot Esports. “The team is getting seemingly stronger after every game, win or loss.”

Method has considered adding an Overwatch team since the game was announced in 2014, but it took nearly two years to make it a reality. The European-based franchise looked locally and abroad for a team, but found 1SHOT was the best fit, and they’re no stranger to working in the States, where many of their sponsors and partners are based.

“There pros and cons for signing a NA vs EU team, but we believe that 1SHOT was the best option for us,” Steffens said.

Dating back to 2005, Method is most famous for its World of Warcraft raiding, with multiple world-first boss kills including the final encounter of the most recent tier of content. They’ve managed to build a brand around that success, expanding into World of Warcraft arena combat and eventually other titles like Hearthstone and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, though currently Overwatch is their only team outside of their original game.

The new Method boys will attempt to earn a spot at Gamescom today when they compete in the American qualifier for the ESL Overwatch Atlantic Showdown, but they’re certainly underdogs when it comes to earning a berth. They’ll open the tourney against Sea Algae and a win will likely place them against EnVyUs, the best team in the world right now. That’s a tough draw, but regardless of the result, Method will be happy with a strong team in the hottest new esport, Overwatch.

Jan 23 2017 - 7:43 pm

This creator made a Tracer pistol that shoots lasers

Set things on fire with Tracer's laser shooting pulse pistol.
Nicole Carpenter
Dot Esports
Photo via Patrick Priebe

YouTube creator Patrick Priebe may have made a recreation of Overwatch hero Tracer's pulse pistol that's even more awesome than her in-game weapon—Priebe's version shoots lasers.

Priebe is a prop builder with an affinity for lasers, creating custom builds and uploading videos of them to his popular YouTube channel. Many of his builds are created for clients, but the Tracer pistol is a personal project he's been putting together for a while. "It's one of those long-time projects that I've tinkered on here and there, whenever I found the time, basically," Priebe told Dot Esports.

The laser shooting from the pistol is fully functional and pretty dangerous. Priebe demonstrates by setting a bunch of different things on fire in the video—including the Overwatch logo.

"It's dangerous indeed," he said. "Hit an eye and you are instantly blinded for life. Even one percent of the beam can get that done. Even a reflection would be harmful."

He's got no current plans to make another incredibly dangerous Overwatch weapon, but will if enough fans ask for it. "People in the comments of the video are already begging for more," Priebe added. "I said I will make another if the video gets enough hits. The revenue will make sure I can afford another one. I don't get any support, financially or material, so I have to buy everything myself, design parts, make it work, disassemble, spray paint, reassemble, test, make the video... every time, all alone."

So far, Zarya's cannon or Widowmaker's sniper rifle are the most likely choices for Priebe's potential next Overwatch build.

Jan 23 2017 - 4:23 pm

Overwatch Year of the Rooster event details leak ahead of official release

We're getting a bunch of new skins and possibly a new brawl mode.
Nicole Carpenter
Dot Esports
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard Entertainment's Overwatch Lunar New Year event looks like it's going to bring a ton of new content to the game.

A new video leaked on Chinese blogging site Weibo shows a ton of new skins and a potential new brawl mode. Skins on display in the leaked video include traditional garb for Mei and Symmetra, a gold and red skin for Mercy, with Journey to the West–styled skins for Winston, Zenyatta, Reinhardt, and Roadhog. Symmetra also appears to have a new highlight intro, with Tracer perhaps representing a new capture-the-flag style brawl mode.

Leaked image via Reddit

And that still doesn't include the traditional Korean dress D.Va was pictured in through a tweet sent out by Blizzard last week. Mei's traditional outfit was also pictured last week in a different tweet announcing the Year of the Rooster event. Blizzard, however, has not confirmed that any of these will show up in the event, though their inclusion in their official tweets is a pretty good indication that they will be.

Blizzard confirmed to Polygon last week that Year of the Rooster would rival earlier events Halloween Terror and Winter Wonderland in scope, though details beyond that have been sparse. Tracer's cameo in the leaked Overwatch video is likely a hint toward a new capture-the-flag style brawl, as she's shown grabbing a flag from an objective point.

We don't have too long to wait until the contents of the Year of the Rooster event are confirmed. The event launches tomorrow in Overwatch.

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