Zombies Esports disqualified from PMPL Arabia after player gets caught using hacks

The other members of the team are also being investigated..

Image via PUBG Mobile Esports

Table leaders Zombies Esports have been disqualified from the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Arabia season one after one of their players was caught hacking. Other members of the team are also being investigated.

Zombies Esports had been dominating in the PMPL Arabia. After two super weekends, the team was sitting at the top of the rankings table with 359 points, 16 ahead of second-placed GUNZ ESPORTS. But some of their plays looked too good to be done without hacking. 

After the community started spotting some of these questionable moments, which included incredibly accurate gun sprays and precise prediction of enemy movement, the team was finally disqualified today. 

Right now, Zombies’ “BREAK” has been found to be hacking. As with all instances of cheating, the player will likely receive a permanent ban. The rest of the players on the team are also being “thoroughly checked” and an official statement on the verdict will be revealed after the investigation is completed. 

So far, more than half of the three-week competition has concluded. Zombies Esports were able to compete for two weeks, though it’s unclear how many matches they were hacking in. But PUBG Mobile Esports said PMPL Arabia will proceed with the same scores for the remaining 15 teams.  

Being able to hack undetected at this high level of competition is a real cause of concern for PUBG Mobile’s esports scene. In the Spring Split of the Club Open (PMCO) earlier this year, over 50 teams were banned as well for violating the game’s competitive integrity and code of conduct.

The game has a big hacking problem that’s made evident through Tencent’s anti-cheating reports. Around a million PUBG Mobile players are banned every week.