Undefeated Zac heads this week’s free LoL champion rotation

Check out this week's free League of Legends champions.

Riot has released the weekly free champion rotation for League of Legends for March 28. The rotation includes Zac, which Riot recently revealed went undefeated in the NA LCS this split.

These are the champions that will be featured in this week’s rotation.



Shine your hammer for Piltover, hero. Your foes will know your potential when you poke them to death.


Demon’s beware, Yasuo is here to end your life with his sword. Be sure to play him in a composition that has knock-ups to utilize his ultimate.



After going undefeated, it’s time to find out why. The experiment gone wrong will add some versatility to your jungle experience and give you great gank potential.


Unleash your primal rage and chase down your foes. Swift like a tiger, durable like a turtle, faster than a bear, and burning like a Phoenix.



Vlad the impaler has nothing on this. Sink into the rift and suck the life force out of your enemies in the mid lane to the point of no return.


Echo Fox’s Henrik “Froggen” Hansen would be proud of this one. The Cyrophoenix is one of the oldest champions on the rift. Don’t worry about your health bar, just be sure to protect yourself near a tower during egg form.



One of the oldest ADC’s in the game. Ashe and her ice-enchanted bow will provide some much needed firepower to your team fights, let your enemies know the full sting of your arrows.


If you prefer a stealthy approach then Vayne is the champion for you. Prepare to burst enemies down in seconds and have them wondering just where you got to.



Team up with Pix to protect your ADC and cause your opponents some mischief by morphing into tiny cute creatures.


A true gentlemen and the heart of your team, stack your passive, stun your foes, and knock them up into the air with your ultimate to turn the tide of any battle.