You won’t need Nintendo’s online subscription to play Fortnite on the Switch

Other games will also follow suit.

Image via Epic Games

Nintendo Switch owners, rejoice—not every game will require the console’s new online service in the future.

In the Nintendo FAQ for the Switch’s online service, the company notes that some games, such as Fortnite, won’t require the subscription service to be played online. This could allude to all free-to-play games not needing the subscription, but Nintendo has yet to confirm what other games it’s talking about.

The service is set to launch on Sept. 19 and will cost $3.99 a month or $19.99 for a year, making it the cheapest online subscription of the three main consoles. If you want to continue to play your games online, the service will be a requirement moving forward.

The new online service also includes a selection of NES games that can be played at any time, although you must sign in weekly to gain access to the lineup. Cloud saves will be offered as a part of the service, but some games won’t be included. Cloud save files will also be deleted at the end of your service if you fail to renew. Additionally, a bunch of discounts and offers will be a part of the service, but Nintendo hasn’t revealed anything about what those might be at this time.

Overall, some fans believe that this seems like an anti-consumer service before it even begins. But at least you can play with friends online for free on some games, like Fortnite, right?

H/T Polygon