Xyz Festival event now live in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel

Special events are rolling out for Master Duel now.

Image via Konami

Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel is finally having new content added to the game. Many players are getting their wish of a special event to compete in for a limited time. 

The first “Duel Festival” event is called the Xyz Festival and will limit players to using Extra Decks that only use Xyz Monsters. 

Players of all ranks can enter the Xyz Festival by opening the main Duel Menu within Master Duel. Once inside, the new event will be listed under the Event Duel tab, along with additional information about the event itself. 

For the Xyz Festival, players can only enter if their Extra Decks contain nothing but Xyz Monsters, although it does still need to comply with the overall Forbidden and Limited card list for Master Duel. This means you won’t be running into multiple copies of Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS – Sky Thunder or True King of All Calamities in the same deck. 

The main goal for players competing in this Event Duel exhibition is collecting medals. The more medals you collect, the more items you can collect, such as Gems and Pack Reward Tickets. You even earn medals if you lose your match, not surrendering, so there’s no reason to avoid dueling within this format. 

Konami has added a rental feature for this event, letting players rent a Galaxy, Phantom Knights, or Raidraptor Loaner Deck to compete. But players will earn more Medals for competing in the event using their own cards. 

The Xyz Festival will be available until 10:59pm CT on Feb. 23, so players have about a week to collect as many medals as possible and master the Xyz Summoning style.