XQc’s streaming setup: Mouse, headset, keyboard, and more

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Former Overwatch League player xQc might not be competing in esports anymore, but as one of the most-watched content creators on Twitch, he needs the best equipment possible to entertain his audience that typically averages more than 30,000 viewers.

In the past, xQc’s messy desk and caseless PC setup have drawn cringes and cries from many. But as he’s developed into one of Twitch’s top streamers, he’s slowly managed to keep things together enough to have some gear that just about anyone would want.

Here’s a list of some of the main components that make up xQc’s streaming setup.

Mouse: Logitech G Pro Wireless

The G Pro Wireless was designed by Logitech with the help of a large sample of pro esports players, with shape and weight being key focuses. The mouse features one-millisecond wireless speeds and a “HERO 16K” sensor. 

Additionally, the G Pro has a pair of extra bindable buttons on each side of it to help players get the most out of their mouse. In all, the mouse has seven different bindable buttons, including the scroll wheel that can be clicked down.

Headset: HyperX Cloud II

The Cloud II is one of the more budget-friendly pieces of hardware on this list. As far as peripherals go, Cloud II can be considered an extremely high-class budget headset that makes full use of its 53mm drivers to provide its users with a reasonable tone range and high audio quality. 

HyperX’s Cloud II features 7.1 surround sound compatibility, a sturdy aluminum frame, and a detachable, noise canceling microphone for competitive gamers who might live in noisy environments. To boot, the padded leatherette earmuffs will help keep long gaming sessions cool and comfortable, so switching to alternate audio solutions isn’t a requirement with the Cloud II.

Keyboard: Steelseries Apex Pro TKL

xQc might be a variety streamer, but most fans know him for his prolific FPS gameplay, which is why he opts for the Tenkeyless variant of the Apex Pro. This mechanical keyboard is already a popular option as is, but the Tenkeyless form factor is especially desired by FPS players, since its a more convenient size and takes out unnecessary keys that are often reserved for Simulation or MMO games. 

This keyboard comes with RGB lighting and three choices of switches from OmniPoints, Cherry MX Speeds, and standard mechanical switches.The handrest attached to the bottom is a nice touch as well, and will suit those who need extra wrist support during long gaming sessions.

Monitor: ASUS ROG Swift 360Hz

This 24.5” monitor is a high-end option for those who are looking for the top of the line visual quality and have the computing power to get the job done. Thanks to the ROG Swift’s 360Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, and native G-SYNC compatibility, the frames that this monitor outputs are smooth, snappy, and clearly shown to the user in a quality that’s hard to match. 

To reiterate, this monitor is high-end, and will have its potential wasted without a high-end PC to compliment it.


Holy price inflation, Batman! That’s right, xQc is a professional entertainer, and he doesn’t settle when it comes to his hardware. The RTX 3090 is the top of the line gaming GPU that’s sheer power is matched only by its scarcity. 

Thanks to the silicon shortage of today, GPU’s prices have skyrocketed, and the 3090 is no exception to this unfortunate rule. With a retail price of $1,499, this GPU was expensive to begin with. But with the market climate of today, you’d be lucky to grab this thing under $3,000. If you do happen to come by one, whether by luck or by splurging, what you’d be left with is 24GB of GDDR6X memory and 8K resolution compatibility. 

In short, this thing is wicked expensive and wicked powerful.

CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5950X

Where streaming content at high resolutions is concerned, a powerful CPU is incredibly important. The Ryzen 9 5950X enthusiast CPU is one step short of being a threadripper. It features 16 cores clocked at a base speed of 4.9GHz on the Zen 3 architecture of 2020. 

For video editing, 3d editing environments, and Ultra settings gaming, the 5950X is more than powerful enough to get the job done. For gamers who don’t plan on doing much editing or streaming, this CPU will get the most value out of itself when playing CPU-heavy games such as the Civilization series, GTA V, or ARMA III.

Microphone: Shure SM7B

Shure is one of the most well-known audio production manufacturers in the world. So it’s not surprising that one of Twitch’s top content creators would choose the brand’s premier broadcast and recording microphone. 

Though the SM7B will cost you a pretty penny, it’s one of the more durable products on the market. And it’s not like a GPU or CPU that will be replaced within a couple of years when a newer model comes out. This cardioid dynamic mic will likely last you for a while.

RAM: G.Skill Trident Z NEO Series 128GB (4 x 32GB)

xQc is doing extremely heavy lifting with his PC, and because of this he plenty of memory. Enter 128GB of DDR4 RAM clocked at 3200MHz. The speed at which this RAM is running is fairly standard—Ryzen CPUs typically benefit from RAM running at 3600MHz or faster—but the real treat is in the amount of RAM that xQc uses. 128GB, while necessary for editing professionals or programmers who write inefficient code, isn’t going to be necessary for even the most extreme gamers who don’t plan on streaming or video editing. 

G.Skill does offer the Trident Z NEO series RAM at lower capacities for cheaper prices, so if you only plan on gaming, opt for a configuration with this RAM that leaves you with 32GB and you’ll be just fine for the next eight years.

Webcam: Logitech BRIO Ultra HD Pro Webcam

Streaming at high qualities doesn’t just require a powerful PC. You’ve also got to have the webcam (and internet) to keep in step. The Logitech BRIO Ultra HD Pro features recording quality of up to 4K resolutions, which is perfect for the committed streamer or video recorder who likes to have their face involved with the scene. 

Featuring USB 3.0 connectivity, this webcam is the sweet spot between budget recorders and high-end devices, and can function reasonably well for those looking to up their stream or video quality, or simply want something easy to work with when in a video call with friends, family, or co-workers. Keep in mind, some tinkering with your lighting scheme and default settings of the webcam will likely be necessary to get the picture quality you desire. 

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