XQc instantly gets hit by karma at Slime Climb in Fall Guys

Never be the griefer in Slime Climb.

Screengrab via xQc

Fall Guys came out of beta at the beginning of August, and the 60-player mini-game based, battle royale quickly became the game of the summer. Every obstacle map and the game’s mechanics make each match a unique experience.

On one race map, Slime Climb, where one mistake can eliminate a player, popular streamer xQc decided to become the final obstacle before the finish line.

XQc was having a superb run, and he was way ahead of the rest of the players. The former Overwatch pro was using every trick in the book and took advantage of each possible shortcut to rank first on the map. A couple of unfortunate falls caused him to place second, but he decided not to cross the finish line so he could grief the remaining players.

“Because I didn’t get first place, I’m going to grief these people,” xQc said before pushing four jelly beans to their death. XQc welcomed each contender with a grab and pushed them to wrecking balls or toward the side, causing them to lose their balance and fall.

XQc had a couple of close calls where he almost fell too, but he kept trying to grab people after recovering with quick maneuvers. A total of 12 people escaped xQc’s wrath, and there was only a single jelly bean left on the map.

The final contestant, wearing the pigeon skin, and xQc started trading blows and pushed each other. The slime levels started rising as the two refused to give up. XQc finally decided to let go of the other player and make his way to the finish line to qualify, but he stopped for a single last try.

XQc turned around to grab the remaining player to make him stop, which would cause him to step on slime and get eliminated, but the player dodged xQc’s attempt with a masterful jump. XQc had an evil grin on his face as the events unfolded since he seemed sure he would still qualify regardless of what happened.

Right after the only player apart from xQc qualified, he also made his way to the finish line, but the map was only milliseconds away from drowning under slime. XQc performed a jump and dive combo to make it. Though it was looking like xQc was in the clear, the final platform suddenly turned white, and he was greeted with an “Eliminated” message on his screen.

Though it wasn’t quite clear whether that was a bug or it’s just currently what happens when slime reaches to the top, seeing a griefer in Slime Climb get slapped by karma filled xQc’s chat with “OMEGALULs.”