Xbox to now allow players to suspend games to improve download speeds

You can get through a long download more quickly with this new option.

Image via Microsoft

Microsoft has introduced a new option that allows Xbox players to suspend games to increase download speeds.

As reported by Eurogamer, the new feature is available on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One consoles that are a part of the Xbox Insider Program. This program unlocks new dashboard features early for players to test and experience. 

Xbox engineering lead Eden Marie explained the new feature and how it will allow players to jump back into their game without issue. Suspend enables players to download at full speed without quitting their game. Once the download is complete, they can jump right back in where they left off. 

Normally, Xbox saves parts of your connection for online activity, which slows down download times. Suspending games removes this issue without quitting a game, though. This should lower the extensive download times for significantly large games or updates. 

Marie also confirmed new banners were added to the Xbox Game Pass to show which games are leaving the subscription soon. This lets players know which games they need to finish or play before its too late. 

But Game Pass is continuously receiving new titles, so players will always have new options. 

Xbox players interested in experiencing new dashboard features early should consider becoming a part of the Xbox Insider Program. All Xbox players will likely see the suspend feature in the near future.