Xbox Series X will reportedly feature the same dashboard as the Xbox One

Fans have mixed responses about the UI staying the same.

Image via Xbox

Fans will have an easy time adjusting to the Xbox Series X, since the upcoming console will reportedly feature the same dashboard as the Xbox One. The UI will look the same but will receive updates for better speed and performance, according to senior editor at The Verge Tom Warren

Warren said he believes this is a good choice by Microsoft since it has been making constant improvements to the current UI and will continue to update it going forward. 

This does not mean Microsoft has no plans to update the dashboard before the Series X release. The company will likely introduce minor changes to improve user experience, but fans should not expect a major overhaul anytime soon. 

Some fans were not as happy with the UI staying the same on the new console since they believe it is clunky and difficult to maneuver. Others explained that they enjoy a new experience when they boot up a new console, and seeing the same dashboard will take away from this experience. Some players even called for a return to the original Xbox 360 dashboard, which was a fan favorite albeit clunky design. 

Warren explained that new content provides a new experience, not the UI. Players will still have the new console experience but in a way that is familiar and easy to navigate. 

Microsoft will likely reveal more information about the Xbox Series X and new changes to the UI in the new monthly Xbox 20/20 video series