World of Warcraft Shadowlands: Eternity’s End (Patch 9.2) set for Feb. 22 release

The time has finally come.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The much anticipated—and delayed—release of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands’ third content update, Eternity’s End, finally has a date attached to it—and it can’t come quickly enough for a player base that’s lost its patience.

Eternity’s End will begin in less than two weeks on Feb. 22, bringing with it the end of the current PvP and Mythic+ seasons. Following the end of these seasons, there will be a one-week offseason period. Season three for both forms of content will kick off following each region’s weekly reset on the week of March 1.

Patch 9.2 will drop more than seven months after the release of Patch 9.1. This comes after the first patch of the expansion also lasted around seven months. Blizzard gave players a preview of the patch in November but remained tight-lipped on exact release details until now.

The new content coming in the patch will include a new zone called Zereth Mortis, the return of tier sets, and, of course, a new raid, “Sepulcher of the First Ones,” which will have players fight to save the Alliance’s king, Anduin, from the Jailer.

Blizzard has not yet announced when exactly the raid will be unlocked, but based on previous patches, it will likely come out on normal and heroic difficulties in the first week after the patch drops, around March 1. The raid’s mythic difficulty, and the Race to World First, will likely begin after the weekly reset surrounding March 8.