WoW Classic players joke that the game has “corrupted the community”

The Classic community is so positive that players can't believe it.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

WoW Classic’s release seems to have brought positive feelings to many people who are trading toxic behaviors for positive interactions with other players. Streamers are in love with the game’s community and regular players are even lining up to orderly turn in quests in crowded servers.

These positive interactions have been dominating Classic so much that retail WoW players are jokingly saying the new title has “corrupted” the traditional WoW community, known for being hard on new players and sometimes even elitist.

A fan recently wrote a sarcastic Reddit post saying Classic twisted the WoW community, filling it with “audacious motherfuckers” who give away bags to new players, people who “spam” random players with buffs when nobody asked for their “blessing of might,” and players who don’t screen their group members while rejecting unskilled players.

“All these toxic behaviors are horribly contagious,” the fan said, joking about the list of positive actions these players have been doing. “I try constantly to enforce the idea that you’re not playing the game until you’ve finished the unbearable grind to 60 and can get gear so you don’t have to group with plebs anymore, but people just keep being courteous.”

Apparently, WoW Classic players are helping each other regardless of who they are, adding everyone as friends so that they can play together again in the future and just enjoying spending time in the world. And that’s something that never happens in the retail version of WoW anymore, according to the fan and many other Reddit users.

“This ‘WoW Classic Community’ is destroying the wholesome fabric of gatekeeping and elitism that has made WoW strong,” the fan said. “Just look at how much fun applying for Mythic groups is. Nothing gives me a rush quite like getting invited to a group instantly due to my +15 2 chest scores. I earned my right to be the best at WoW and people who like Classic are just mad that they’re not good enough to play Retail.”