Worlds 2016: I May Win Late vs. Flash Wolves

Get the recap of Flash Wolves vs I May in their first match of Groups at Worlds 2016

Coming into Day 2, it was finally time for both Flash Wolves and I May to start their Worlds run. Both teams coming in had a lot of doubters, mostly on I May’s side. With China’s No. 1 seed in EDward Gaming falling on their face against Brazil’s INTZ, even more people had low expectations for I May, the region’s No. 3 seed. 

The draft went as follows:


Flash Wolves                                   I May

Top: Gnar                                           Ekko        

Jungle: Reksai                                   Zac           

Mid: Vladimir                                      Varus 

ADC: Lucian                                        Jhin 

Support: Karma                                   Alistar


We notably see the first Zac of the tournament, as well as the continued trend of an Alistar support. Casters pointed out that the composition from Flash Wolves would struggle to get in range against the poke from I May, so early favor was for the Chinese team.

Early on, Flash Wolves looked incredibly strong, punishing Jungler Avoidless from I May multiple times as he looked to invade. At only 12 minutes, I May was already down 2.7k gold, and down in kills 4-1. The game would continue to go in favor of Flash Wolves as they played patiently, slowly bleeding out I May. At this point, Flash Wolves constantly had deep vision and the waves pushed. 

At the 24-minute mark, Flash Wolves made a major mistake as MMD went too deep in the top lane and died for it. Immediately after, Flash Wolves were greedy and pushed for the bottom tier two tower, which resulted in two more of their members dying. This gave I May a slight glimpse at what it would take to get back in the game After Flash Wolves continued to squander their lead, they did just that. 

At the 40-minute mark, I May found a fight that resulted in them getting Baron as well as killing three members of Flash Wolves. With the Baron buff now in their control, they went on to take the lead for the first time this game. 

The game really got out of hand for Flash Wolves when Avoidless was able to smite steal the Elder Dragon away, which would give I May enough power to win the big fight that ensued. With three members down after the fight, I May was able to finally complete their comeback and win their first game in groups.

I May is now 1-0 in groups, while the Flash Wolves fall to 0-1. GG.

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