Worlds 2016: EDG piles more pressure onto EU

A recap of the match from day four of Worlds 2016 between EDward Gaming of the LPL and H2k-Gaming of the EU LCS.

This is your eSportsNation Daily Brief for Friday, February 20, 2015

A recap of the match from day four of Worlds 2016 between EDward Gaming of the LPL and H2k-Gaming of the EU LCS.

Here is a recap of what happened:

EDG                                              H2K

TOP: Irelia                                      Rumble

JNG: Nidalee                                 Lee Sin

MID: Syndra                                  Vladimir

ADC: Jhin                                      Ezreal

SUP: Alistar                                   Karma

BANS: Cassiopeia/Kennen/Gnar/Rek Sai/Poppy/Nami

H2K made some questionable picks to start the game, while EDG had a lot to prove going onto the rift. A poor face-check by H2K Vander would result in an aggressive play by EDG to secure a quick first blood in just under two minutes.

However, with EDG focusing on the top lane, H2K looked to fix their previous mistakes in the early game by giving Ezreal two quick kills to even the gold count after a successful gank from EDG pressuring greedily.

EDG were able to capitalise on what should have been an easy gank for H2K to take two quick kills and regain their gold lead. The match would proceed to the 10-minute mark with EDG leading by nearly 2k gold.

EDG sent four players to the bot lane to take out Ezreal, securing a kill after failing to escape and taking the first tower of the game. EDG continued to increase their gold lead as H2K was seemingly unable to get back into the swing of things at the given time.

Focus was on H2K to try and find an opening on this EDG side that was in total control, taking objective after objective and grabbing the rift herald in the process.

However, H2K did not slack off as they looked to cut the gold deficit in the mid game and secure their first dragon in the process. But that would only last for a small amount of time as EDG extended their lead once again thanks to some impressive macro play.

It wasn’t until the 30-minute mark after a long drawn out process of EDG gaining more of a lead that EDG would take an alone Rumble for granted to win a resounding team fight with a single casualty. They then made their way to Baron.

EDG then waltzed into H2K’s base and easily blast it open, taking an inhibitor and a few kills on the way before backing out to regroup and prepare for the push ahead. Just a few moments later, EDG found H2K out in the open and they took the decisive team fight.

This led to an easy stroll into the H2K base to give EDG a resounding win over H2K. With this win, EDG improves to 2-1, while H2k falls to 1-2. 

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