Winged, Soul and Pure join CJ Entus

CJ Entus add players to their LoL roster.

CJ Entus announced earlier today on their Twitter that they have added Seo “Soul” Hyeon-seok , Kim “Pure” Jin-sun, Park “Winged” Tae-jin , and an unknown player named “Racoon” to their League of Legends roster. 

Both Winged and Pure played in the LCK last season on the Jin Air Green Wings and Longzhu Gaming respectively. Winged was considered one of the better junglers in the LCK last season.

CJ Entus is a historic team within the League of Legends competitive scene. Acquiring the legendary AZUBU BLAZE/FROST lineups in 2012, CJ Entus consistently remained a top team for many years. This past season, though, the legendary team was relegated to the Korean challenger league.

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Article by Malcolm Abbas. Follow him on Twitter @SmashhLoL.

Photo courtesy of CJ ENTUS