Will Apex Legends Mobile support controllers?

We've got an answer from Respawn.

Caustic, Wraith, and Bangalore pose in Apex Mobile's key art.
Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Mobile will launch tomorrow worldwide for Apple and Android devices, and fans are eager to jump into the newest iteration of Respawn Entertainment and EA’s famous battle royale. While competing battle royales, including Fortnite and PUBG, have had mobile versions for years, Apex Legends has been constrained to PC and console since its launch in 2019.

With Apex Legends Mobile landing soon on mobile devices, many are wondering if it will allow players to use mobile-specific controllers. Not all battle royale fans are used to using their fingers to play; many are coming from the mouse-and-keyboard or controller world. Others have accessibility concerns and are curious how Respawn will address these issues.

Apex Legends Mobile and controller support

At launch, Apex Legends Mobile will not support controllers. The development team is “actively working on” controller support, senior director of product Myke Hoff said, but it’s not yet at the level of polish and quality they expect for a feature release. Hoff said fans can expect to see controller support “in the very near future,” but there’s still some work to be done to get it working correctly.

As controller support hasn’t yet exited development, there is no word on what controllers will be supported or how the game’s control scheme will change to adapt to gamepads. Fans will need to stay tuned to Apex Legends Mobile’s social channels to receive future updates on controller support.