Will Apex Legends Mobile have creator codes?

Creators want to cash in while playing.

Bangalore poses in front of Fragment on World's Edge.
Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Mobile’s impending release is exciting to fans and players, as well as content creators and streamers. Many are likely gearing up to make content surrounding the new release, particularly those whose fan bases already play and enjoy mobile games. If you’re a content creator looking to make content about Apex Legends Mobile, you’re probably wondering if the game will support creator codes.

Creator codes, popularized by Epic’s Support A Creator program, allow players to input codes that correspond with their favorite streamer or content creator when making an in-game purchase. For example, the Support A Creator program allows creators to make money when fans use their code while purchasing V-Bucks in Fortnite, games in the Epic Games Store, and Rocket Pass Premium upgrades in Rocket League.

Will Apex Legends Mobile feature creator codes?

Apex Legends Mobile will not feature creator codes, at least not at launch, according to Respawn. Senior director of product Myke Hoff explained the team will be looking at creator codes and how to integrate them into the game in the future. But at launch, players can’t redeem creator codes, and creators will not be able to make them. He said Respawn is still looking for its own take on creator codes and is figuring out how the process will work specific to Apex Legends Mobile.

Hoff asked creators for feedback on codes in general and explained the team has a good idea in mind for a creator code system, but that it’s not quite ready yet. He said the team will work toward implementing it in the future, but for now, creators and fans will need to wait a little longer.