Riot resets Wild Rift ranked rewards for some players after misconfiguration issue

Players affected by the problem will be getting compensation.

Image via Riot Games

Some players will have their League of Legends: Wild Rift ranked rewards for the season reset as Riot Games deals with a nasty misconfiguration issue that caused the rewards screen to disappear for some players.

In a post by Riot Games’ Ben Forbes it was revealed all Wild Rift players affected by the issue will have rewards reset. This includes those who logged in on March 15.

Forbes explains that, after investigating the issues, there was no way to restore the lost ranked rewards progression for affected Wild Rift players. Instead, Riot will compensate those that are being forced to start over with a helping hand.

If you were affected by the issue you’ll receive Poro Coins instead of duplicate rewards. At the end of the season, players who were involved will receive three tiers worth of rewards as a bonus, on top of where they finish up. Even if you surpass where you were before the reset, you’ll still receive this as a bonus.

The final thing that the Riot Games mobile developers plan to do to remedy the issue is granting Wild Rift players Ranked Coins equivalent to the daily cap.

Despite these additions to help players get back where they were prior to the issue, some players are sharing their disappointment have previously been close to reaching rewards and now having to grind back up to that point.

Wild Rift’s fourth season began on Dec. 5 and has no official end date. Affected players will want to get back to leveling ASAP so they don’t miss out on rewards.