Widowmaker starred in Contenders Australia this week after a long time on the bench

The French sniper has been on the sidelines while GOATS has run rampant in competitive Overwatch.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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The Overwatch meta has been dominated by GOATS for over a year. The triple-support triple-tank composition gave teams plenty of sustain to survive any form of DPS composition, rendering a lot of the game’s most exciting heroes useless.

But with recent changes, Widowmaker and her DPS counterparts are seeing a resurgence. Whether it be in double sniper compositions, triple-DPS, quad-DPS, or bunker, offensive heroes are back on the table in Overwatch.

Nothing is more satisfying than hearing a Widowmaker dink enemy after enemy, massacring them across the battlefield. This week in Contenders Australia, there were two Widowmaker Maccas’ I’m Loving It moments, involving two rising stars of the Australian scene. 

Lachlan “Ike” Matthews starred for Legacy on Widowmaker throughout their series against the Melbourne Mavericks. While he whipped up an impressive string of headshots on Hollywood, he was consistently outdueling Mavericks’ DPS Mercedes. 

On Havana, Ike managed to find Mercedes once, then got him on the resurrect too, to cement Legacy’s push to the end of the map. These picks from Ike secured Legacy the 3-1 win over the win-less Mavericks, and kept their season alive.

The second outstanding Widowmaker performance came from Elliot “Addy” Dunne of Mindfreak. Addy has stood out as one of Australia’s best Widowmakers for quite some time, and he finally got his chance to flex it against Order.

Addy pulled out the Widow on multiple maps and found some key picks to set up Mindfreak’s attacks or defenses. On Hollywood, he double-dinked Dale “Signed” Tang, who had a Graviton Surge ready to throw down on top of Mindfreak’s Clockwork Vendetta composition.

Addy also pulled out the Widowmaker on every other map, just picking apart Order’s GOATS and dive compositions throughout the series. While Addy put up a solid effort on the Widowmaker, it wasn’t enough for Mindfreak to secure the win against the reigning champions as they fell 2-3.

So as GOATS starts to die out, Widowmaker aficionados are coming out of the woodwork again. While GOATS was intricate and team-play focused, sometimes a little bit of DPS hard-carrying doesn’t go astray.