Who is Senna, League’s upcoming champion?

Take a look at the lore of Senna, League's new champion.

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Senna was revealed as League of Legends’ new support marksman during the 10-year anniversary broadcast earlier this week. Players were speculating she’d be joining League even before the announcement thanks to some leaks and teases. And now, she’s almost here.

So who is Senna, and why are League players so excited to have her in their champion pool? Senna has long been a part of the lore and the main driver behind Lucian’s dedication. Senna used to be Lucian’s wife, but Thresh took her soul and imprisoned it in his lantern. All Lucian has been doing since is trying to get her back, and he finally succeeded. Senna is back, but she isn’t human anymore.

Here’s everything you need to know about how Senna’s story has been developing and how she’ll fit on Summoner’s Rift.

Senna, the Sentinel

Image via Riot Games

The Black Mist cursed Senna when she was just a child and it’s continued to attack her from the shadows since. She was saved by Lucian’s father, Urias, who knew that the only way for Senna to live was if she learned how to fight the Mist.

She became Urias’ apprentice and joined his ancient order, Sentinels of Light, “learning to channel her soul into light” with the relic weapon he gave her. But Urias’ life came to an end and she found herself feeling lost and alone until she met Lucian.

The tragic love story of Lucian and Senna

Lucian always strived to become as great as his father and follow his footsteps into the Sentinels of Light. But his father wanted to protect him and refused to make him his apprentice, so Lucian found satisfaction safeguarding a city in Demacia.

But his life changed when he met Senna. She introduced herself as Urias’ apprentice when she brought Lucian news of his father’s death. Urias died fighting the Black Mist.

From then on, Lucian’s journey was next to Senna, who thought him the ways of the Sentinels. They continued fighting evil together, becoming closer to each other. But Senna’s curse was getting stronger and Lucian set himself on a mission to save her from it.

And then they found themselves face to face with Thresh. Senna told Lucian to withdraw, but he didn’t listen. And that mistake cost him Senna’s life. Thresh quickly claimed her soul and imprisoned it in his lantern. Lucian’s mission to heal her was over, but now it was time to avenge her.

Lucian and Thresh have been fighting on the Rift for quite some time, and if Senna is dead, how is she becoming a playable champion? Well, the love that the two Sentinels have for each other was stronger than death, and with Lucian’s help, Senna’s soul finally found its way out of Thresh’s lantern.

Senna, the Redeemer

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Senna has been fighting the Black Mist her whole life, but in death, she realized the Mist is her only hope. While trapped in Thresh’s lantern, she had nothing to fear anymore. And while Lucian was spending years trying to find peace for her soul, she was exploring the darkness she was imprisoned in.

She found out that the origin of her curse was life, not death, and she held onto that. In fact, it was a soul that couldn’t let go of life that was with her from the beginning. She learned how to use the Mist to free other souls from the lantern, but not herself. She had to wait for Lucian to escape.

Lucian eventually broke the lantern and Senna came back to life, wielding Light Cannon, a relic weapon that could channel both the Mist’s darkness and the Sentinels’ light. Just as the weapon shares darkness and light, Senna also embraces death and life. She’s both a human and a wraith. The curse that took her down ended up being her savior.

The couple’s new goal? To find and stop the Ruined King because of a secret she found deep in Thresh’s lantern.

Senna is the first support marksman to join League

Image via Riot Games

Riot promised to share details of what Senna will be like in-game during the Worlds 2019 quarterfinals on Oct. 27. She’ll be released on the PBE two days after and go live across all servers on Nov. 11.

Senna will be the first support marksman released in League, with abilities offering both damage and utility. She was designed to protect Lucian’s back in the bot lane, but she’s still a marksman and her relic cannon will probably be a dangerous weapon overall.