When will Wild Rift season one end?

Players who earned a rank will receive ranked season rewards after it ends.

Image via Riot Games

Although League of Legends: Wild Rift is still in beta, its first season was launched in January following season zero, which first introduced the mobile game’s ranked mode.

The seasons in Wild Rift are shorter than its MOBA counterpart, where they last almost a whole year. Wild Rift seasons should last around three months, which is closer to the standard set by other competitive mobile games.

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Since the first season started roughly two months ago, there’s no doubt that it’s approaching its end. Players who haven’t played their placement matches yet won’t likely have much time to do so before it ends. But this is necessary if you want to claim ranked season rewards.

When will Wild Rift season one end?

Riot Games has yet to reveal the specific date of season one’s end. Since it started on Jan. 18 and is set to last a couple of months, however, it will likely be set for an end date between March 15 and 21. The next season should start not very long afterward.

The rewards for earning a rank in season one will include the exclusive Glorious Tryndamere skin for players ranked in Gold or above and those who won over 10 games, as well as a participation icon and a player emblem.

Players will receive the rewards automatically after the season ends and their rank will be reset for season two.

The rank taken into consideration to determine your rewards will be the highest one reached during the season instead of your finishing rank, which will enable more players to earn rewards for rank Gold and above.

Meanwhile, new skins have come to Wild Rift alongside the mid lane assassin Katarina earlier in the month. After her, Leona, Diana, and Pantheon will be introduced to the game later in March with the Targon-themed event called Path of Ascension, which will likely add more challenges to earn rewards that might include those champions.

The beta date for the Americas region will also likely be revealed tomorrow, according to Riot Games.

This article will be updated when an official end date for Wild Rift season one has been confirmed.