When will PUBG Mobile version 1.0 release?

Erangel 2.0 could be coming.

Image via Tencent

PUBG Mobile is entering into a “new era” with the version 1.0 update, called “Beyond A.C.E.” It is making some huge changes to the battle royale game to make the players’ experience much better. 

The features coming with version 1.0 were revealed by Tencent in a YouTube video yesterday. Tencent has said it will be bringing new “technology,” “user experience,” and a “mysterious surprise.”

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When will it release

The release date for version 1.0 was also confirmed by Tencent. It will be released for Android and iOS players worldwide on Sept. 8. 

As part of the new technology in version 1.0, the game’s graphics have received an overhaul, with things like better water reflections being added. 

Tencent has also claimed the new version will drastically improve frames-per-second and reduce lag. The FPS will be improved by an average of 20 percent while lag will be reduced by 65 percent, according to Tencent. Additionally, the company is introducing some new tech to reduce the size of the game. 

A new user-interface is also coming in the new version. The main highlight of this is the multi-screen switching mode. The menu of PUBG Mobile has been separated into three separate pages: game, community, and purchases. This has made the UI clearer and user friendly. 

While Tencent has given no hint about what to expect from the “mysterious surprise,” it is likely the revamped version of the classic Erangel map, dubbed Erangel 2.0. 

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Tencent also announced the “biggest esports event” for the game in its announcement yesterday. Season zero of the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) will feature a prize pool of $2 million with top teams from around the world competing.