When will CoD: Mobile’s Rank Series 1 end?

The rank series will last for two months and gives players the chance to unlock a lot of exciting rewards.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Mobile’s Rank Series assigns players into different ranks from Rookie one to Legendary based on their skill level. Players can advance through these tiers by playing ranked matches. 

While a new season launches into Call of Duty: Mobile every month, a rank series lasts for two months. The ongoing Rank Series one is the first series of 2021. Thus, it is called Rank Series one, instead of nine, as Activision has refreshed the count with the new year.

There is a separate competitive rank for multiplayer and battle royale matches. Advancing through ranks not only gives bragging rights, since players can unlock some exciting rewards based on the highest ranks they managed to achieve at the end of the series. This includes CoD points, weapon XP cards, crates, and more. 

Some of the highlights for Rank Series one are as follows: 


  • Pro II: FR .556 Ruptured Steel
  • Pro V: Charm of 2021 Series one
  • Master III: QXR – Roaring Steel
  • Legendary: 2021 Series one frame

Battle Royale

  • Pro II: Karambit – Ruptured Steel
  • Pro V: Ruptured Reaper
  • Master III: Kruger – Ruptured Steel
  • Legendary: 2021 Series one Calling Card

When will CoD: Mobile’s rank series one end? 

Rank Series one will last for two seasons and will conclude with the ending of season three. CODM’s season three will end on May 26 at 7pm CT.

The new Rank Series two will begin with season four, which is expected to kick off on May 27 at 7pm CT.