When will Call of Duty: Mobile season 4 begin?

A major update will be coming with the game's fourth season.

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Activision releases a new season of Call of Duty: Mobile every month. With each season, new content is added to the game.

Currently, CoD: Mobile’s season three is underway. It brought the Oasis and Coastal maps, Sticks and Stones mode, Recon perk, Renetti handgun, Spotter battle royale class, and more to the game.

Players can expect a lot of more content to join the game in season four, though. This is because every two seasons, Activision releases a major update to the game with a lot of new features. This major update corresponds with the beginning of a new Rank Series in the game. The Rank Series two will also kick off with the fourth season.

When will Call of Duty: Mobile’s season four begin?

Call of Duty: Mobile’s third season is scheduled to end on May 26 at 7pm CT. Based on past patterns, season four should begin on May 27 at 7pm CT.

So far, no details about what players can expect in the new season have been revealed. In the April 23 community update by Activision, the company confirmed that a public test build will be conducted before season four. It also said that the new season will contain “some significant pieces of content.”

A public test build is released by Activision ahead of any major update. Its used to test out upcoming features of the game before they are released globally. More details about the season four public test build will be revealed “later,” the developer said.