When is Vikendi coming back to PUBG Mobile in Version 1.6?

Players will have to wait a bit longer to play on the map again.

Image via PUBG Corp.

Vikendi is coming to PUBG Mobile in version 1.6. The new update has already dropped into the game, but the snowy map hasn’t arrived yet. This is because it will released a bit later.

Tencent confirmed that Vikendi will be added to PUBG Mobile on Oct. 8. The map will be added for a limited time and will be taken down on Nov. 15.

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Vikendi was also removed from the PC version of PUBG: Battlegrounds earlier this year. It was later re-released in March as Vikendi v2. The new version of the map got an overhaul with several locations being changed. Tencent hasn’t revealed if the upcoming version of Vikendi to PUBG Mobile will receive these changes.

The news will also come as a disappointment to many players who were hoping that the map is brought back for good. Based on the tweet, it seems that Tencent has no intention of doing so and will take it offline on Nov. 15.

Vikendi was removed from PUBG Mobile last April with the release of the smaller Karakin map. The map has also not been played in any of PUBG Mobile esports’ competitions this year.

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Currently, PUBG Mobile has five maps, Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Karakin, and Livik. Besides this, there are several other modes such as the team deathmatch, gun game, Flora Menace, War, and more. Tencent may not be adding the map back permanently to keep queue times low.