When does League of Legends’ Night and Dawn event end?

The event launches today.

Image via Riot Games

Today marks the beginning of League of Legends’ Night and Dawn event, which brings new skins and a fresh Event Pass to the game.

Night and Dawn pays homage to binaries like “order and chaos” and “good and evil.” The event separates champion cosmetics to further the dichotomy between the two sides. Dawnbringer skins feature crystallic blue and purple hues to complement their cosmic theme. Nightbringer skins, on the other hand, are deep red and purple, but seem royal in nature.

Even though the event launches today, it won’t be around for long.

When does Night and Dawn end?

Riot’s design lead on events, Justin “Xenogenic” Hanson, explained that Night and Dawn will run from Dec. 12 to Jan. 13.

Though some fans may feel this isn’t enough time, Jan. 15 seems to be reserved for a potential Sett release date. The new juggernaut’s abilities and biography were revealed yesterday, as well as his inclusion on the PBE.

What can we expect from the event?

Image via Riot Games

The Night and Dawn event will introduce a plethora of new skins for Karma, Nidalee, Soraka, Vladimir, and Lee Sin. The Blind Monk is also the lucky recipient of this cycle’s Prestige skin, donning a golden-horned mask and a silver-haired ponytail.

The Event Pass is undergoing some changes for Patch 9.24, too. Instead of the typical five-event mission, Night and Dawn will feature 20. To create a more flexible event structure for the holidays, players will have to complete “Wins of the Week” instead of “Win of the Day.” Players will have the entirety of the event to finish off the weekly missions, just in case Christmas-time proves to be too busy.

And those who fear the Prestige skin is unattainable are in luck. Completing all weekly missions will earn you 940 tokens, nearly half the amount needed to snag the coveted Prestige Nightbringer Lee Sin skin.