When does CoD: Mobile season one 2022 end?

Players only have a limited time to advance through the battle pass.

Image via Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile’s first season of 2022—Heist—is underway. Every year, Activision refreshes the seasonal count in the mobile game, reverting to “season one.”

The new season has deployed a lot of new content to CoD: Mobile. This includes the Hacienda map from Black Ops 4, the tactical equipment Storm Ball, and two new weapons—the Kilo 141 and the PPSh-41. The season is also marking the Lunar New Year with Activision, bringing the Nuketown Temple map and Red Envelope confirmed mode to mark the occasion.

CoD: Mobile’s season one will end on Feb. 24, according to the in-game countdown. Because Activision uses UTC as standard, accounting for the time difference, this should be Feb. 23 at 6pm CT.

Players have until then to advance through the battle pass and unlock the rewards that have come with season one. This includes the new tactical item Storm Ball at tier 14 and the PPSh-41 SMG at tier 21 of the free battle pass. The premium version contains several new operators and weapon skins for players to unlock.

CoD: Mobile’s season two will begin shortly after the current season ends. As usual, players can expect new content and a new battle pass. More details will be revealed closer to its release later this month.