When does Apex’s Voidwalker event go live?

Get ready for the next two-week event.

Apex Legends trick
Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ Iron Crown Collection may have wrapped up earlier this week, but the battle royale already has another two-week event lined up for the weeks to come.

Respawn Entertainment revealed the new Voidwalker event centered around Wraith earlier today. The event is set to go live next week and will introduce a new area to the map that gives fans a look into the legend’s background. The area is based on a research facility named Project: Wraith and contains a portal that launches players back into the sky, allowing them to reposition by skydiving to their next location.

Once the event goes live, players will be able to participate in a new limited-time game mode named Armed and Dangerous. The mode greatly reduces the amount of loot available and restricts weapons to only snipers and shotguns, taking out any and all mid-range weapons available in the battle royale.

Like previous events, there will be a slew of event-exclusive items that players will be able to unlock. Respawn revealed the legendary Voidwalker skin for Wraith, which features the legend in a purple reflective helmet with a white and black bodysuit. Wraith’s legendary skin will be available in the direct purchase store for the entire event and will be joined by other rotating cosmetics each week.

Fans won’t have to wait too long before the new festivities arrive. The Voidwalker event kicks off on Sept. 3 and will run until Sept. 17, giving fans two full weeks to complete any missions and unlock rewards before the items are vaulted.