When does Apex’s new map World’s Edge go live?

Explore the new arena with season three, Meltdown.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment released a trailer for Apex Legends’ season three Meltdown and finally confirmed the addition of a new arena today. The map is called World’s Edge and features a slew of new areas that many fans of the battle royale are anxious to explore.

The Apex developer has yet to release a full image mapping out each of World’s Edge drop locations, but fans received a brief overview of the arena in the season three trailer. Among those areas are a fiery pit of molten lava and an ice-impaled tower. There’s also quite a bit of green space scattered across the map for those looking to escape the extreme temperatures.

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One of the most exciting new features of the map is its train. The train seemingly moves around the map at breakneck speeds, allowing players to reposition themselves quickly. Judging from the map overview in the season trailer, it appears the tracks circle the icy areas of World’s Edge with a couple of stops along the route.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

World’s Edge will arrive on Apex’s live servers with the launch of season three. Additionally, the season will introduce Crypto as a new playable character, the Charge Rifle, and a few changes to the battle royale’s ranked system.

Season three is scheduled to go live on Oct. 1 and will likely hit the live servers around 12pm CT, which is the usual launch time for updates.