When do Pokémon UNITE Holiday Festivities begin?

It's time to celebrate!

Image via TiMi Studio

Pokémon UNITE today revealed its upcoming holiday-themed event which will bring a new stage, Holowear, and a new playable Pokémon to the game.

Announced in a trailer for the event today, Dragonite will be joining the game during the Holiday Festivities along with new looks for Pikachu, Crustle, Snorlax, Mr. Mime, and Cramorant. There are also Christmas hats available for Dragonite, Garchomp, Blastoise, Gardevoir, and Mamoswine. There will also be a ton of player cosmetics and customization options to earn or purchase, too.

With so much new content to check out, the holiday season is set for big things in Pokémon UNITE and fortunately, it’s right around the corner.

When do Pokémon UNITE Holiday Festivities begin?

Pokémon UNITE’s Holiday Festivities kicks off on Dec. 15, 2021 and will run through to Jan. 16, 2022.

Players on both mobile and Nintendo Switch can participate in the festivities. This event will bring the additions of new cosmetic upgrades and Dragonite, but also new looks for arena maps that boast Ice-type wild Pokémon such as Delibird and Articuno in Shrive City. Tauros, Beartic, Cubchoo, Stantler, and Panpour will also take their place on the popular Remoat Island map.

A new mode will also be joining the game that looks to face players off against snowmen and see them launching snowballs of their own. But, full details of this are yet to be shared.