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What’s the start time and date for Fortnite’s The End event?

The End event marks the conclusion of season X.

Image via Epic Games

The final event to conclude Fortnite’s season X is set to be revealed in the next few days. The event will precede the events of season 11, but details about the upcoming season haven’t been revealed yet. 

Epic Games has been building up the hype to the final event in Fortnite this season. Epic tends to have one major event at the end of the season that usually lasts around 10 to 15 minutes. The next season usually happens soon after the event has officially concluded, with the next storyline continuing from the conclusion of the event. 

“The End” event is set to take place on Sunday, Oct. 13 at 1pm CT and will conclude 10 minutes later, according to a leaked PlayStation information screen. This confirms the theory that the season X event will occur on a Sunday

The Last Stop loading screen is displayed in the background of the text. This shows the Fortnite characters waving goodbye to the bus driver as he leaves the Fortnite map.

The event is expected to involve the mysterious Visitor figure and the new rocket that appeared earlier in the season. Not much is known about what will happen during the event, however. 

As many fans have speculated, The End could symbolize the conclusion of Fortnite’s map, which has gone through a number of changes throughout each season. EA’s flagship battle royale, Apex Legends, launched a new map to coincide with the release of season three earlier this month. So Epic might introduces its own new map with the start of the next season of Fortnite