What time does Minecraft Championships (MCC) 18 start?

Your favorite Minecraft event is back for Halloween.

Screengrab via Noxcrew

Noxcrew’s Minecraft Championship (MCC) doesn’t have a fixed schedule, but it’s grown into a monthly tradition for the fans. The event’s dates usually depend on the availability of all the invited content creators and finding a date that works for all of them can be difficult at times.

While there are new additions to the event in each iteration, MCC has a decent cast of returning content creators for each event. One could expect the event to be repetitive with the same players, but Noxcrew fixes that problem by shuffling the teams from scratch.

No team stays the same and players must blend in with their new teammates to stay on top of the leaderboard.

MCC 18 is scheduled to go live on Oct. 23 at 2pm CT. Considering that the event is close to Halloween, it’ll be themed around the holiday to celebrate the occasion. The teams and their members are often announced a couple of days before the event. You can follow or check out MCC’s Twitter account to be one of the first fans to see the participating content creators.

If this is going to be your first time tuning into the event, you can join in on the fun by tuning into Noxcrew’s Twitch channel when the tournament starts. The admin stream is potentially the best way to spectate the event in its early stages since there will be many players.

Once teams get knocked out of the competition, there will be fewer players remaining, making it easier to watch the tournament from their individual perspective. If you have a favorite content creator, you can tune into their stream and watch the tournament from their point of view to experience the level of hype and communication within their team.

Though there isn’t a set date for the next MCC, chances are it’ll be in November. If there happens to be any change of plans, Noxcrew usually lets the fans know through its social media channels