What time does MC Championship (MCC) 22 start?

It's nearly time.

Image via Noxcrew

The next installment of the MC Championships (MCC) is set to air on May 28, with 10 teams made up of four creators each coming together once again to compete in a series of Minecraft mini-games.

The 40 creators participating in MCC 22 will test their teamwork, combat, survival, parkour, strategy, and other Minecraft skills over the course of eight mini-games chosen by the teams in the Decision Dome to see who can score the most coins possible across all of the games. The two teams who score highest across the eight mini-games will then go head-to-head in a finale Dodgebolt duel to see who can win it all and claim the title of winner for MCC 22.

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This installment of MCC will likely also feature the introduction of a new MCC game. The new game is called Meltdown and will likely be one of the eight mini-games played unless teams decide to skip it in favor of a game they already know how to play. Meltdown is an intense battle royale that takes place over the course of three rounds and focuses on teamwork and strategy.

MCC 22 will air at 2pm CT on May 28 and can be viewed by fans either from the administrator’s point of view on Noxcrew’s official Twitch channel or through the lens of any creator participating on one of the ten teams for this installment of the event on the platform the creator regularly streams on.