What is the Rite of Exile in Diablo Immortal

Here is how the Rite of Exile works in Diablo Immortal.

Image via Blizzard

Many new players are getting into the Diablo franchise for the first time with Blizzard’s release of Diablo Immortal. This mobile game allows players to experience the iconic ARPG virtually anywhere and on the go. With tons of quests, an engaging main story, and many player-vs-monster or environment opportunities, many want to get a full understanding of the world they’re diving into.

While the main story does a great job talking about the state of Sanctuary, it does not do the greatest job of explaining end-game content. Things like dungeons, rifts, and raids are ways for players to upgrade their items, gems, and gear, but Blizzard took the time to create a social experience for all players. 

This is where the Rite of Exile and Cycle of Strife come into play. These are one and the same and refer to the main power struggle between the factions in Diablo Immortal. Here, we’ll cover what exactly the Rite of Exile is and how players can get involved in the Cycle of Strife.

What is the Rite of Exile/Cycle of Strife

While they have different names, the two ideas are closely related. The Cycle of Strife refers to the constant power-check between the Shadows and the Immortals. The Rite of Exile is where the Immortals are actually challenged by the Shadows.

The Immortals are a group created for the sole purpose of defending Sanctuary from demonic threats. This is quite the responsibility. As such, the Shadows are a group that constantly tests the power of the Immortals to make sure they are up to the task of defending the mortal realm.

The Rite of Exile

The Rite of Exile specifically refers to the challenging of Immortals by Dark Clans. The top-ranked Dark Clans are able to participate in this activity, and here, they’ll challenge the current Immortals in an objective-based player-vs-player fight.

The top 10 Dark Clans will send eight of their best players to take on eight Immortals. Ten battles take place simultaneously. If the Shadows win the majority of battles—six or more of the 10 battles—then they will proceed to the “Challenge of the Immortal.”

The fights have an attacking side and a defending side. Each side has an objective aspect to them where players are assigned specific tasks. These tasks can involve destroying and defending certain statues or icons, or even moving statues to a specific location. Doing so will unlock the final stage where players must destroy or defend the last part. In addition to the PvP aspect of this, where teams only have 80 lives to win, there are also time limits where players must complete the tasks by a certain time.

Challenge of the Immortal

During the Challenge of the Immortal, one Immortal will receive a substantially large buff and take on the 30 Shadows from all the Dark Clans. This plays out like a raid boss, except with much more glory on the line. 

If the Immortal wins the 1-v-30 fight, then all of the current Immortals will stay as Immortals as they’ve earned the right to defend Sanctuary. If the Dark Clans defeat the Immortal, however, then the leader of the top Dark Clan involved in the Rite of Exile will assume their reign and become the top Immortal. Their Dark Clan will also become ranked Immortals under them.

Since there can only be a few hundred Immortals on a server at a time, it’s clear this is quite the prestigious accomplishment. Competition between Dark Clans is incredibly fierce.

The Immortals also have access to the Immortal Vault. This vault is full of some of the most powerful gear in the game. Legendary items left and right. Players are, however, limited to their class-specific items as well as only one item at a time.

Additionally, the Immortals also have access to some exclusive end-game content, Kion’s Ordeal. This is a 48-player raid available to only members of the Immortals. Within the Immortals, it is also only available to the Elite Immortals or higher. Unfortunately, regular Immortal members won’t have access to this raid and will have to begin their climb through the ranks.

How to become a Shadow

Those looking to get involved in the Cycle of Strife can join the Shadows. A more in-depth breakdown on the Shadows can be found here.

Boiled down, to join the Shadows, players must head to the tavern in Westmarch. Once there, speak to the Mysterious Patron to enter the Shadow Lottery and get lucky. Alternatively, players can be invited to join by another Shadow with an Akeba’s Blessing. This blessing is obtained by Shadows who also enter the Shadow Lottery.

Once invited to join, the Mysterious Patron will lead players to the back of the tavern where they must defeat three guardians.

After players have joined the Shadows, there are many different content alleys to venture down. Players must participate in daily Shadow activities and contracts to begin the new Rite of Exile and challenge the Immortals.