What are League of Legends pro Sneaky’s computer specs?

He claims it's worth $5,000.

Photo via Riot Games

Former Cloud9 League of Legends pro Sneaky might not be playing at the highest level of competition anymore, but he remains a prominent voice in the scene by streaming on his Twitch channel. In May, he revealed a new custom PC—with some help from iBUYPOWER—that will help him in all of his gaming endeavors.

Sneaky’s storied League career ended in January when he announced that he was stepping away from competitive play but remaining with C9 as an owner and advisor. With professional League experience that spans eight years, most of which was with C9, Sneaky has done his fair share of winning with multiple LCS championships. 

Now a full-time streamer, he still needs to have a powerful enough setup to broadcast to the masses while also playing his favorite games. Here are some of the most important parts of his rig that make it worth about $5,000. 

CPU: Intel 10th Gen i9 10900K

Sneaky’s CPU is certainly one of the higher-end ones on the market. The 10th generation processor just came out this year and it has a 20M cache with up to 5.3 GHz when boosted. The base frequency of the CPU is nothing to scoff at, though, with 3.7 GHz. It also has 10 cores and 20 threads, but it definitely comes at a premium.

GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti

What’s a state of the art CPU without a graphics card to match? The NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti is at the upper echelon of what all content creators and pro gamers are using. The 2080 series of cards have been out for more than a year now, but they’re still the highest-end GPUs you can get you hands on. Sneaky doesn’t have two of them like Dr Disrespect, but even one is enough to fulfill your typical gamer’s graphics processing needs.


With more and more people using Solid State Drives to improve upload and download speeds, iBUYPOWER loaded Sneaky’s new PC up with a plethora of SSD goodness in the form of 4TBs. Sneaky’s Western Digital SATA chip boasts sequential read speeds of up to 560MB per second and write speeds of 530MB per second.

While most people don’t need a full 4TBs, which is the most WD offers for one SATA chip, the company has numerous other options for less capacity that are more affordable.


Sneaky’s 32GBs of RAM from XPG come complete with RGB options for those who value aesthetics. The SPECTRIX memory modules have overclocking potential with Intel and can be programmed with RGB lighting to make the inside of your PC look good while performing at a high level. The RAM can be used in any AMD or Intel-based PC rig.

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