Warzone player seemingly smashes keyboard after being run over by Asmongold

The truck king.

Screengrab via YouTube.com/Asmongold

Playing online video games can often be a frustrating, rage-inducing experience. This was seemingly the case for one person in one of Asmongold’s recent Call of Duty: Warzone games.

Streaming on his alternate Twitch account, Zackrawrr, Asmongold played Warzone with one goal in mind: running people over. During this stream, Asmongold tried to only use vehicles to take out enemies. His weapon of choice was the cargo truck as he and his squad navigated the map together.

When he saw a player in the open, Asmongold went in quick pursuit with his truck. The player attempted to escape, but Asmongold was just too fast. He ran the player over, killing them instantly.

At this point, Asmongold and his teammates got to hear the audio from the enemy’s microphone. And what was heard next could best be described as some loud smashing along with what sounded like keys scattering across the floor.

Asmongold’s chat was quick to point out what they thought this noise could have been, claiming that the player must have smashed their keyboard against their desk out of rage. While this couldn’t be confirmed, Asmongold appeared to think the same, bursting out into laughter shortly after picking up the kill.

Zackrawrr is a Twitch account that Asmongold uses to play games more casually without using a webcam, making for a much more laid back stream experience.