Volume sliders, Facebook sharing, and a new quest type found in Pokémon Go datamine

A lot of small information was pushed, with a few interesting tidbits.

Image via Niantic

The next update for Pokémon Go, version 0.207, has started rolling out and brings with it some important quality of life changes, updates, and more. 

Starting with the most basic inclusion, datamining group PokéMiners has discovered a volume slider that will allow players to customize the audio levels of music and sound in the game. 

This feature was actually included in the 0.205 update data, but now there are visual assets. Pickachu’s Pokémon cry will apparently play when you lower the Sound slider.  A text update also shows a new type of quest that might be coming to the game soon. It mentions beating a Raid within a certain amount of time, and likely means there will be new rewards for beating a Raid within a specified time limit soon. 

PokéMiners has been consistently keeping players updated on changes coming to the Pokédex in Pokémon Go, and with update 0.207, more details have been uncovered, 

The category feature is now starting to appear within the app itself and new text hints at a potential shortcut bar and the feature being re-sizable. Overall, the Pokédex should be improved thanks to some updated animation cycles that are being pushed, too. 

A new choice option was added for global event tickets, which likely means that there are some other events similar to February’s Go Tour: Kanto that will include multiple paths and decisions. Some sharing and conversion tracking was also added for Facebook and Facebook Gaming, with the ability to share images and videos directly to social media. 

The final update of note is some text that a new system might be put into place, allowing players to open the app through a referral link and automatically input the referral code for you. 

On the smaller end, the Today’s View event banner was updated so players should be able to see more than one photo at a time and swiping has been disabled on the Friends screen. 

All of this information was taken from a datamine and should be taken lightly until Niantic confirms the content. You can read more about the full data breakdown on The Silph Road Reddit.