Voicemod officially launches new Voicemod Bits interactive monetization extension for Twitch

Using Twitch Bits, Voicemod is trying to diversify how viewers can interact with streamers.

Image via Voicemod

Voicemod, an industry-leading augmented voice and interactive audio company, is once again expanding its offerings with a new monetization method for streamers—Voicemod Bits. 

Voicemod Bits is a Twitch extension that aims to help streamers increase the number of ways viewers can engage with the stream while also diversifying their revenue methods. 

The extension, which is now available for Twitch users after a two-month testing period in early access, lets viewers donate Bits, Twitch’s digital currency, to change their streamer’s voice in real-time using Voicemod. During its early access period, more than 60,000 viewers used the extension, spending more than 1.5 million Bits to use Voicemod Bits.

Streamers using the extension can customize the Voicemod Bits offerings on their channel by using a selection of rotating voice filters and other settings. Voicemod PRO subscribers can also choose from the platform’s entire library of filters and create usable custom voice skins via Voicemod Voicelab, add tiered or subscriber-only options, and more.

Voicemod has also made it easy to moderate or toggle the feature on and off to avoid spam or overload through the Voicemod app. And because Voicemod is easy to integrate with Stream Deck, Streamlabs OBS, Discord, and many multiplayer games, you don’t have to worry about setting it up multiple times. 

Along with providing users a mix of voice filters, soundboard effects, user-created voice mods, and other real-time audio offerings, Voicemod now offers Voicemod Bits as a monetization model and its new Partner Program, which gives select creators added benefits. 

To get started and learn more about the feature, you can visit the official Voicemod website. Once that’s done, you can set how many Bits each different voice will cost for viewers to activate and how long they’ll remain on.