Will Urfwick and Grey Warwick Return?

Two popular Warwick skins might be making their return.

Riot Meddler has been at it again on the social message boards, answering questions based on the recently revealed Warwick update. Meddler mentioned two skins, Urfwick and Grey Warwick, that might be making their return, as the urf skin in particular has not been available since 2010.

“We’re looking into options for both Urfwick and Greywick since those are now cool updated skins that aren’t accessible anymore,” Meddler said. “[I’m] not sure what solutions we will or won’t find there, given there’s some past history to recognise too, they’re on our radar though certainly.”

This news just helps to increase all of the hype surrounding the Warwick remake, and it would be cool to see these old skins come about again.

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Photo credits: Riot Games