UMG Announce Daytona Event for Halo

UMG has announced its return to Halo.

UMG Gaming is returning to competitive Halo after a four-year absence with an $80,000 event in Daytona Beach, Florida.

The event, which takes place next May, will feature a $75,000 four-versus-four tournament and a $5000 free-for-all side tournament.

Back in 2013, UMG came at a time when Halo was no longer under the MLG Pro Circuit. UMG events provided players with an open platform to compete on, rejuvenating the community’s thirst for competition despite the small $10,000 prize pool.

The event helped drive interest in the game’s competitive community, despite the lack of support from MLG. Although other organisations have hosted smaller open events in the intervening years, UMG’s absence in the scene was a gap in the community. UMG instead invested in Call of Duty, establishing itself as a premier event organizer in that game.

Fans have been vocal in their demand for more open events, with Halo developer 343 Industries and Halo World Championship partner ESL not providing the events players have been crying out for. The return of UMG could well stimulate the grassroots level of competitive Halo, particularly on the East Coast.

The event will take place May 12-14 at the Ocean Center Arena in Daytona Beach, Florida.