Tyler1’s streaming setup: Mouse, headset, keyboard, and more

This might be the simplest streaming setup on Twitch.

Screengrab via Tyler1

LolTyler1 is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch. While he may say that’s because of his play in various League of Legends roles, many fans enjoy him because of his over-the-top theatrics and high-energy personality.

That being said, Tyler is a high-level League player, reaching challenger as both a jungler and AD carry in the same season. And while many of the streamers at the top like Tyler may spend thousands on their gaming and streaming setup, Tyler is is proof that you can find success without emptying the bank account on equipment.

These are the major parts that make up Tyler1’s streaming setup.

Mouse: Logitech B100 Corded Mouse

Image via Logitech

Having a quality mouse is important not only for performing better in-game but also an important factor in general navigation. While streaming, you aren’t going to want a mouse that has issues with cutting in and out or breaking. Sometimes, a simpler option is more reliable than some of the more extravagant mice on the market.

It does not get simpler than the Logitech B100. This mouse has no extra bells and whistles. What you see is what you get. One thing a mouse such as the B100 does offer is durability. Due to its simplistic design, there are minimal moving parts that can be damaged inside the mouse. If you are looking for a cost-effective mouse, this is a perfect option.

Keyboard: Logitech Wired USB Keyboard

Image via RS-Online

Just like with a mouse, having a reliable quality keyboard is going to be especially important in hosting a quality stream. While some options on the market boast many extra keys that can be mapped how the user sees necessary, these are not always what you need to improve your gameplay. Sometimes a simpler approach is more effective.

The most basic keyboard in Logitech’s selection. It offers all the keys you would come to expect from a cost-effective keyboard and for Tyler, that is exactly what it is.

While his fans may be horrified by the condition his keyboard is often in, In Tyler’s eyes, choosing this keyboard means he can just replace it whenever and it won’t cost much for a replacement. Similarly to his mouse choice, this keyboard is perfect if you are on a tight budget.

Mousepad: Reformed Mousemat XL

Image via lolTyler1.com

Having a quality surface to game on is just as important as the equipment you are using. If your surface is not level or made of the right material, it is going to cause issues with the responsiveness of your mouse and in some situations, the mouse will not function at all.

Available in Tyler1’s shop, the Reformed Mousemat XL is a great mousepad for people looking to game. This XL size offers 11×36 inches of high-quality surface to navigate. This mousepad will do a fantastic job of holding your keyboard in place due to its choice in material. For the low cost, this is a fantastic choice for any gamer or streamer.

Headset: Logitech G430

Image via Logitech

Sound is one of the most important factors not only in streaming but gaming in general. Without quality audio, you will not be able to determine the position of enemies as they approach or be able to communicate effectively with your team.

One of Logitech’s most popular choice in a gaming headset, the G430 offers some of the best features for the price of any headset on the market. Boasting 7.1 surround sound, this headset is perfect for ensuring you don’t miss the direction of any sounds in-game.

With an inbuilt noise-canceling microphone, this mic will be capable of producing high-quality audio in most situations. An option that is compatible with PC, PS4, and Xbox, the G430 is worth considering if you are searching for a headset for your setup.

Webcam: Logitech Webcam C920

Image via Logitech

When streaming, engaging with your audience is imperative to growing your channel. This being the case, one effective way to achieve this is by using a video capture device such as a webcam. A webcam allows the audience to view the streamer’s reaction to events taking place in-game and on stream in real-time. While there are many options on the market, webcams seem to be the most popular video capture devices used by streamers today.

Tyler1 uses the Logitech C920. What has become an industry-standard in streaming, this webcam Is a perfect option for streamers that are looking to remain within their budget. Full HD 1080p video with inbuilt microphones that can be used if necessary, this is a fantastic option to add to your setup.

Monitor: ASUS MG248QR

Image via ASUS

No setup is complete without a quality monitor. If you are planning to stream for a long duration of time, having the best quality picture around is going to not only make the experience more enjoyable but also help you perform better in-game.

When you are looking at monitors to purchase, the refresh rate is the most important thing to keep in mind. If your computer is capable of handling it, anything upwards of 144hz is going to look fantastic and allow you to react quicker to what’s going on in the game.

Tyler1 uses the ASUS MG248QR gaming monitor in his setup. ASUS has been producing some of the highest quality monitors in the gaming space for years and this is no exception. The 24” full HD display offers a 1ms response time and 144hz refresh rate, ensuring you have feedback nearly instantly. The monitor is VESA mountable, meaning it can be attached to a variety of desk clamps and stands available to suit any setup’s requirements. The monitor also comes equipped with flicker-free and low blue light technologies, which is less damaging over large sessions to your eyes than alternative monitors on the market.

This monitor is a fantastic choice for someone who is just beginning to start their streaming career or someone who is just looking to upgrade their gaming setup.

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