Tyler1 reaches Master rank on way to complete mid lane challenge

"It's mid dif bro."

Photo by Tina Jo via Riot Games

One of Twitch’s most popular League of Legends streamers, Tyler1, has come one major step closer to reaching his goal of achieving Challenger rank while only playing mid in season 11.

During today’s stream, the League veteran tore through his opposition, winning all but one of his games to be promoted from Diamond to Master rank.

Tyler1 achieved Challenger earlier this season on a different account while only playing top lane and reached Challenger on both Jungle and ADC accounts in previous seasons. Tyler recorded one of his fastest times to reach Master to date with 291 games, as opposed to the 419 games when playing Jungle and 824 games while sticking to the top lane.

During this climb, according to OP.GG, Tyler1 has played the most games as Fizz and LeBlanc. Tyler has put together an impressive record of 34 wins and just eight losses on Irelia. He also has had success on newly-released champion Akshan, who has been quite a strong pick for the streamer, recording 24 wins with only 12 losses.

With plenty of time still to go in season 11 and being on the home stretch to Challenger already, Tyler1 is trending in the right direction to achieve his goal on this account. In the past, Tyler has shared that once he completes the mid-lane challenge, he’ll look to complete all the roles in League by taking on support next, and at this rate, it could be possible for him to do so this season.