Tyler1 plays the perfect song in anticipation for a clown fiesta during a solo queue game

Classic NA solo queue.

Screengrab via Tyler1

Popular League of Legends streamer Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp has been in his fair share of clown fiestas while on stream, but his latest solo queue adventure has people cracking up with some perfect musical accompaniment.

Twenty minutes into Tyler’s game, the opposing team decided to make their way over to Baron. That’s when the longtime streamer said, “You know what? I have the perfect sound effect for what is about to happen.”

The familiar starting tones of the Benny Hill theme song began while Tyler slowly walked up to the Baron as Kog’Maw. He ended up getting killed almost instantly alongside his teammate, Pantheon. It looked like the play was done, but the enemy Blitzcrank decided to pull Katarina and she eventually secured a quadra kill.

Throughout the whole ordeal, Tyler was zooming in and out of the action while dancing on camera. It was a hilarious instance where North American solo queue once again didn’t disappoint.

Tyler’s team ended up winning behind that same Katarina, who finished with 21 kills. He even died during the game-winning play, but he was able to capture that sweet 15 LP in his climb through the Challenger ranks.