Tyler1 hits Master rank on Korean League server in just 10 days

He won't stop until he reaches Challenger.

Photo via Riot Games

Popular League of Legends streamer Tyler1 has reached the Master rank on the South Korean server, an impressive milestone in his quest to hit the top tier by autofilling all the way to Challenger.

He reached the Master rank following over 200 solo queue games played in just 10 days after arriving in the country. In total, he managed to maintain a 60 percent win rate, according to League stats site op.gg.

“And now we’re already Master tier, literally speedrunning,” Tyler1 said after reaching the rank on his stream.

As autofill, Tyler1 has mostly played as support, AD carry, and jungle on his road to Challenger. Out of the approximately 200 games, he played 27 different champions, but Karma, Ivern, and Draven were his go-to pocket picks.

He will continue climbing the server until he finally reaches Challenger. For the moment, Evil Geniuses bot laner Danny and substitute Kaori are the only Western players to reach that rank in South Korea this year, and only four other players have reached the Grandmaster rank.

Since Tyler1 previously said he would stay in the country for 30 days, he still has nearly three weeks to complete the challenge. Even though it will likely be a steep climb to the top tier, he is more than capable of reaching the rank.

The streamer notably topped the North American ladder numerous times. In February 2022, he reached the Challenger rank in every role, finishing off a challenge he had started nearly two years prior.