Tyler1 commentates over xQc’s failed League tower dive: ‘I’m physically wincing at that play’

Tyler1, an experienced Draven player, didn't hold back when xQc lost a skirmish to his main.

Photo by Tina Jo via Riot Games

Tyler1 didn’t pull any punches when commentating over a clip of xQc playing League of Legends. The clip, which made its way onto Reddit earlier today, showcases xQc’s League gameplay from the perspective of Tyler1, who had plenty to say about xQc playing his signature position on Summoner’s Rift, AD carry. 

In the clip, xQc can be seen trying to execute a two-vs-one tower dive on a low-health opponent in the bottom lane, but the exchange goes belly-up when the opposing ADC, a Draven player, earns two relatively easy kills. 

After striking the enemy player with an auto attack, xQc walks out of turret range to use Jhin’s Curtain Call (R) but ultimately cancels the ability after the opposing player takes a few steps and ends up out of its range. XQc, after seeing his lane partner die to the enemy ADC, attempts to deal the killing blow to the Draven with an auto attack but is taken out by one final turret shot. 

Throughout the clip, Tyler1 is pleading with xQc to “just walk up and auto,” which xQc sheepishly refuses to do in the clip. Tyler1 then jokingly referred to xQc as the “Ben Simmons of the gaming community,” a reference to Brooklyn Nets power forward Ben Simmons, whose team was eliminated from the NBA playoffs last night after the player failed to appear on the court due to injury. 

“Zero killer instinct, zero fuckin… just walk up and auto, you bum,” Tyler1 said of xQc’s failed tower dive with Jhin. “You shitter. Holy fuck I’m physically wincing at that play.” XQc’s team went on to lose the solo queue game in 30 minutes, while xQc finished the game with a scoreline of 10/11/12, according to League game-tracking site OP.gg