Twitch Rivals Spirit Blossom Runeterra EU standings

A total of 40 streamers compete in a multi-title tournament.

Open Beta Legends of Runeterra Riot Games
Image via Riot Games Legends of Runeterra

Eight teams began competing today in the Twitch Rivals European Spirit Blossom Series, a multi-title tournament featuring competition in Legends of Runeterra, Teamfight Tactics, and League of Legends

A total of 96 players are competing in the Sprit Blossom Rift Series in both Europe and North America for a total prize pool of $200,000. Competitive play began with an LoR tournament on July 15, followed by a TFT tournament on July 16. League of Legends gameplay was scheduled to take place over the course of two days, from July 22 to 23.

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Each region featured eight teams containing five players that were drafted. The team with the most points following all three tournaments earnes the Spirit Blossom Rift Series title and $30,000 in earnings. 

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Legends of Runeterra

Twitch viewership peaked at around 75,000 during the tournament today, showcasing competitive talent from LoR, TFT, and LoL playing for a total prize pool of $100,000.

A total of 40 European players competed in the Runeterra event today, the first of three tournaments in the Twitch Rivals Spirit Blossom Series. Favored in today’s tournament was Alanzq and First Pink Beaver, as the 40 competitors were split into five blocks. 

Each block awarded the teams points based on standings. First place in block A, for example, earned the team 300 points while in Block E it only awarded 100 points. 

Screengrab via Twitch Rivals

Both First Pink Beaver and Alanzq made it to the semifinals in block A, along with Black Fire Ice and Iamnefer. Alanzq advanced to the finals to face off against Black Fire Ice, who swept the LoR Pro for the win. The victory was enough to earn his team a second-place finish in overall points for the day.  

Screengrab via Twitch Rivals


Teams were split into five lobbies, eight players per lobby. Players competed in four waves, followed by a fifth wave for the top-eight points leaders. Each wave awarded points based on standings. The top three TFT players advanced up a lobby while the bottom three competitors moved down. Winners in lobby one earned more points than the other lobbies at the end of the tournament for a grand total of 5,000 points.

Screengrab via Twitch Rivals

Lobby one

  • First: 75 Points
  • Second: 60 Points
  • Third: 55 Points
  • Fourth: 50 Points
  • Fifth: 45 Points
  • Sixth to eighth: 40 Points

Lobby two

  • First: 50 Points
  • Second: 45 Points
  • Third: 40 Points
  • Fourth: 35 Points
  • Fifth: 30 Points
  • Sixth to eighth: 25 Points

Lobby three, four, and five

  • First: 35 Points
  • Second: 30 Points
  • Third: 25 Points
  • Fourth: 20 Points
  • Fifth: 15 Points
  • Sixth to eighth: 10 Points

Fifth bonus wave

  • First: 100 Points
  • Second: 80 Points
  • Third: 70 Points
  • Fourth: 60 Points
  • Fifth: 40 Points
  • Sixth: 30 Points
  • Seventh: 20 Points
  • Eighth: 20 Points

Dark Star, Vanguard, Protector, and Mystic were the top TFT comps of the day. Favorites for the day were Tabzz, SuperJJ, and FluffHS. But after four waves, Shaunz was on top of the leaderboard with three first-place finishes. Tabzz and Voltariux were right behind him, both performing well in all four waves. 

In the fifth and final bonus wave, Tabzz finished first to claim a victory for the day with a total of 315 points, followed by Shaunz with 310 and Voltariux at 290. 

Screengrab via Twith Rivals

Team Black Fire Ice and Overpow remained in the top three of the overall point standings following the TFT tournament, while Team General-hs was bumped from first to fourth. And thanks Shaunz’s three first-place finishes, along with a third-place overall finish by Voltariux, Team Shaunz moved up the rankings into second place overall. 

Screengrab via Twith Rivals

League of Legends

Screengrab via Twitch Rivals

League of Legends gameplay was split into two days of competition. Day one consisted of the eight teams separated into two main groups to battle in a double round robin best-of-one tournament draft games, with the top two teams from each group advancing to the semifinal playoffs. For each match won, teams could earn 125 points toward their overall standings. A total of 7,000 points were available for teams to earn in the League portion of the Spirit Blossom Rift Series. 

Screengrab via Twitch Rivals

Two teams, Noway4u_sir and Sologesang, went undefeated during the first day of League play in the Twitch Rivals European Spirit Blossom Series. Team General_HS and Solary finished second in their groups with 3-3 records for the day. 

Screengrab via Twitch Rivals

The top two teams advanced to the playoffs on July 23. Noway4u_sir was paired against Team Solary, while Team Sologesang was set to fight General_HS in the best-of-three semifinals. 

Screengrab via Twitch Rivals

At the end of the day, Team Noway4u_sir sat atop the leaderboard, followed by Black Fire Ice in second and Team Sologesang in third for overall standings. 

Day two of the League tournament in the Twitch Rivals Spirit Blossom Rift Series began with Team Noway4u_sir seeking an overall win, paired up against Team Solary in the semifinals. Noway4u_sir were undefeated heading into the semifinals and the favorite to win. But Team Solary went 2-0 and advanced to the finals. 

Screengrab via Twitch Rivals

Team Sologesang were also playing in the semifinals against Team General_HS. Solegesang swept them 2-0, advancing to the finals in a matchup against Team Solary. Heading into the finals, Team Solegesang were the only undefeated squad in the League tournament.

Screengrab via Twitch Rivals

Team Solgesang were dead last in the overall standings following the LoR tournament and had made up some ground in TFT. But in League, they absolutely dominated, losing only one game the entire tournament to win the Spirit Blossom Rift Series.