Trick2g attempts game-changing plays during Twitch Rivals scrims vs. Team Tyler1

One play didn't go to plan. The other, though, worked out.

Image via Twitch Rivals

League of Legends scrims are often a great way for teams to practice their champions and try different matchups against other squads of the same level outside of competitive play.

During a recent stream, this is exactly what Tyler1 and his team decided to do. They scrimmed against Trick2G and his squad ahead of the Twitch Rivals Finals on Wednesday, Feb. 3.

When one of their matches was starting to get away from them, Trick2g seemingly decided to try an all-in play following the elimination of his team’s ADC as Team Tyler1 marched down the mid lane.

Trick2g’s flash ult play on Malphite did not quite go to plan.

This play ultimately cost Trick2g’s team the game. Tyler1’s squad continued their push down the mid lane, taking down the Nexus shortly after.

It appeared as though this play wasn’t coordinated with the team, who had planned to back off before a silent Trick2g initiated on the approaching enemies without speaking up.

While this play might not have gone to plan, Trick2g wasn’t done attempting risky plays to try to secure a win for his team.

In the next game, Trick2g picked up the play of the game when he backdoored Team Tyler1’s base with Nasus.

When Team Tyler1 began to realize what Nasus was up to, it was too late. The squad couldn’t recall in time to stop him and the sole defender, Tristana, wasn’t enough to keep Nasus from destroying their Nexus.

The Twitch Rivals Finals are set to begin on Feb. 3 at 2pm CT.

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