Traverse – Insectoid mode arrives in PUBG Mobile

Transform into an Insectoid in this mode.

Image via Tencent

A new mode has dropped into PUBG Mobile today. The Traverse – Insectoid mode will allow players to transform into a mini Insectoid which can fly and travel through wormholes.

In this mode, five โ€œlabsโ€ will spawn on Erangel which can be spotted on the minimap. These labs will have three different devices: Quantum Transformation Device, Energy Store, and the Wormhole Device. All three have different functions.

The Quantum Transformation Device is the main equipment in these laboratories. These can be used to transform into an Insectoid or go back to the human form.

As an Insectoid, you will be equipped with a special weapon and be able to fly at a low altitude. These weapons can only be used to damage other Insectoids. Additionally, Insectoids arenโ€™t damaged by ordinary ammo. Players in their normal form will be able to damage Insectoids with pans, though.

While in Insectoid form, players will be able to spot Luminators scattered across the map. These can be collected and used in the Energy Store or the Wormhole Device in the labs.

The Energy Store allows players to exchange the Luminators for supplies. The wormhole device, on the other, is another exciting feature in this mode. You can use the Luminators here and open a wormhole to another lab. You will be instantly teleported to the other lab through the wormhole.

Traverse – Insectoid is a limited-time mode and will be available in PUBG Mobile until July 5.