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Training Day with Gamer Sensei: Fortnite

Give your skills a boost before the next World Cup.

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You might think that playing 18 hours a day is the best way to improve at a game like Fortnite. It’s not. Like players in any sport, the best get better with coaching. And now there’s a service that’s bringing an affordable, professional coaching service to everyone—not just the very best. Gamer Sensei has some of the best coaches in the world. And they’re here to help you.

There are a few ways that a Gamer Sensei can make you better, including rotations, improving your aim, developing map awareness, and so on. We spent a week training like a Fortnite professional and the results speak for themselves—we absolutely improved.

We also spoke with the team at Gamer Sensei to help you understand what a coaching session will do and how it will help you improve.

So what does a Fortnite coaching session with a Gamer Sensei look like? 

The student becomes the teacher

This first step is all about letting the coach know who you are, how you play, and what your pain points may be. Perhaps you’re a talented gatherer of resources but do not know how to put those resources to good use. Maybe you can aim and put out a lot of damage, but panic as soon as you run into a player who suddenly goes 50 feet above you. All of these gameplay traits will help your coach get a better understanding of you and help them put you on the path to Fortnite enlightenment. 

Aim down the scope

It’s time to set goals with your Gamer Sensei. This is your opportunity to let your coach know what level you would like to take it to. If your plan is to compete at the next Fortnite World Cup, let your coach know. If you want to get your builder’s license so you can start putting up five-star hotels with wifi, let your coach know. Your Gamer Sensei will help you set your goals and will make a plan to help you achieve them. From there, your coach will begin piecing together your training plan to help you focus on the steps and improvements that will help you progress. 

It is time to squad up

There is no better way for a coach to understand your playstyle than playing the game. Each Gamer Sensei knows the first step to success is analyzing your rotations, playstyle, callouts and more. This can certainly create a nervous environment if it is your first time, just remember your coach is there to help you improve. They will not be picking on things that you don’t do well, they will be marking them down so that they can help you eliminate those mistakes next time. 

Building your base knowledge

After your first match or two, your coach will have a clear understanding of how you play. This is where they will get to work in developing the overarching plan to help you progress. Explaining how certain things work, and giving you small, easy to repeat training drills to help you build your knowledge of the game. It’s important to understand all aspects of the game so that you can better predict what move your enemy will make next. 

Time to get into the specifics

Once the quick wins have been fixed, it’s time to get into the specific skills that align with your goals. If you’re a solid early game player but struggle transitioning into the end game, this is where having a coach can really help you shine. Having a coach that can offer a different perspective and review your process will instantly help you on the path to the world stage. If building is your pain point, a Gamer Sensei will run through optimizing your keybinds, settings, and movements. Then your coach will jump into a creative mode to help you master them. 

Next steps

After your first session, the foundations will be laid. Your Coach will have a better understanding of you, you will have a clearer picture of what you want to achieve and you will be left with a path to take you to the next level. At this point, your coach will organize your next session, set you up with some of the best homework you will ever receive and begin working out what milestones you’ll need to achieve to make the next World Cup. 

Whatever your goals may be, there’s no denying the impact that a coach can have. Finding the right coach for you is important and it’s never been easier than it is now with Gamer Sensei. Head on over to Gamer Sensei to sign up, explore their list of coaches and get started on the path to the World Cup today.