Tockers Reportedly Leaves INTZ

Mid laner Gabriel "Tockers" Claumann has left INTZ Esports after the team's impressive showing at the 2016 World Championship.

After the departure of NiKo, chrisJ has been moved to the starting roster of mousesports.

Mid laner Gabriel “tockers” Claumann has left INTZ Esports after the team’s impressive showing at the 2016 World Championship, as reported here.

Tockers follows jungler Gabriel “Revolta” Henud and top laner Felipe “Yang” Zhao, who also decided to leave the organisation. Revolta and Yang have since joined Keyd Stars in the Brazilian league. 

Tockers was one of the star players on the INTZ team that graced the World Championship with international wild card upsets, helping them defeat China’s number one seed, EDward Gaming, in the group stage.

It is still unknown at this time which team Tockers will be joining.

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