TLDR: League of Legends Patch 6.23

Hate reading large patches every time? Let me get to the point for you and skip all the fluff.

KOSDFF stated on Twitter that his Home Owner’s Association told him that he was not allowed to upload YouTube because it counts as running a business.

Patches are long at times. Sometimes, we just want to know what’s going on. So down below, I’m going to quickly summarise all that was said in the recent 6.23 League of Legends patch in the least amount of words possible.

Replays are now enabled on all servers

It needed its own heading. 

Champion Updates

Shyvana – Biggest Change

  • Dragon’s Descent can’t be interrupted.
  • E is now an exploding fireball in Dragon form.
  • Passive resistances down.
  • Changes to make her better.

Full info on her changes here.


  • Passive AP ratios up.
  • W cost down.
  • E ratios up.


  • W cooldown lowered.
  • E no longer deals increased damage against targets in R until the storm is fully formed.
  • R forms faster.


  • No longer displays a grey tint on Evelynn’s screen while camouflaged


  • E Movement commands are cancelled if Shunpo targets a plant or enemy champion.


  • Voidlings deal more damage but don’t multiply as frequently.
  • Malzahar can now store two charges of Void Swarm.


  • Reverting a bug we introduced that allowed Orianna to chain her abilities in a way that was too hard to react to. 


  • Fixed a bug causing Bonetooth Necklace to stop working if Rengar was revived through Guardian Angel or Zilean’s R – Chronoshift


  • Armor and health growth increased.


  • Revert W change.
  • Walks into range to cast W again.


* Fixed a few bugs where Shaco and LeBlanc clones weren’t properly transferring kill credit to Shaco and LeBlanc themselves (ex. Mejai’s Soulstealer).

* Fixed a bug causing Master Yi’s Q – Alpha Strike cooldown to sometimes not display properly.

* E – Playful / Trickster’s damage no longer fires if Fizz dies while on top of his pole.

* Corrected some scaling information in Kha’Zix’s tooltips.

* Hextech Protobelt-01’s active can now be properly used during recall, cancelling the channel.

* Control Wards no longer put the “Disabled” indicator above Zz’Rot portals (since they don’t actually disable the portals).

* Warring Kingdom Katarina’s visual effects have been adjusted to re-add some of the flair lost in her pre-season update.

* Dunkmaster Darius’s W – Crippling Strike axe backboard flames are no longer offset from the backboard.

* Dunkmaster Darius’s R – Noxian Guillotine no longer makes an orange blob on the ground when cast on a target with five stacks of Hemorrhage.

* Tyrant Swain’s W – Nevermove claws no longer wiggle when enemies try to move while rooted.

* Dark Candy Fiddlesticks’s R – Crowstorm particles no longer show up as Surprise Party Fiddlesticks’s for enemies or spectators.

* Forecast Janna no longer sometimes plays her joke VO and base Janna’s joke VO on top of each other.

* Fixed the voiceover effects on Pickpocket, Vandal, and Gangster Twitch’s recalls.

* Bloodstone Lissandra’s recall sound effects now cut off if recall is interrupted.

* Atlantean Syndra’s watery recall sound effects no longer cut off before the channel completes.

* Revisited default audio levels and improved audio settings in the client. We believe these will address the champion VO levels being super loud in champ select.

* This patch will prompt an update to League of Legends desktop icons to correctly display the icon for the client update. You will no longer need to go through the legacy patch to launch the updated client.

* LeagueClient.exe process should no longer remain running after closing the client.

* The client should no longer break and appear completely black when a player attempts to start a custom game and another player attempts to quit shortly after.


Alpha is officially over and open beta is in full swing.

Summoner’s Rift Changes

Plants are now immune to critical strikes and lifesteal.

More XP on mini krugs.

Less XP on big raptor.

New Skins

Elementalist Lux

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